Help us support and encourage documentary projects from around the world.


Emergent is a fund created by people who are passionate about films but obsessed with Documentary projects. Emergent was launched in the belief that Documentary projects are forms of independent expression, essential as democratic tools and conduits of the human experience.

As a supporting member of Emergent you will support projects from all over the world, seeking specially to encourage the creators who haven’t found a way to fully tell their story, be it because of geographical, political, personal or financial reasons. Thanks to your support and donations Emergent will be able to always look to support the big and the small, the grand and the intimate, the distant and the familiar. We believe in the interconnection of projects and stories, and the humans behind them.

It’s a unique ambition. A vision, experience and passion that truly sets Emergent apart. We welcome you to become a part of something much bigger than the sum of its parts, something that will become transparent to reveal the truth of honest, generous and supportive people directly helping those with a message to spread and a story to tell. 


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