EMERGENT. Independent Together.



We are a nonprofit organization that actively advances the work of documentary storytellers and is entirely at the service of their vision. We are fans of great stories and defenders of truth in the worldwide cultural conversation. We strongly believe that characters and narratives can help make the world more interconnected and human.


Emergent will always look to support the big and the small, the grand and the intimate, the distant and the familiar. We believe in the interconnection of projects and stories, and the humans behind them.

In a time when our senses have been flooded with a multimedia overload and most of our journalistic sources are influenced by the interests of their sponsors or backers, we at Emergent are Founded in the belief that Documentary projects are forms of independent expression, essential as democratic tools and conduits of the human experience.

We look to incite a positive impact in humanity through the support of cause-driven documentary storytelling and filmmaking.





To support these projects is to assist voices from around the world and help provide their opportunity to tell a story.


Inspiring documentary storytellers and bringing them together with their supporters and audiences all over the world. A better world is possible through the support of cause-driven storytelling. A democratic principle that rests at the core of every decision Emergent makes.

Not only through financial support but through the expertise of its team, Emergent provides a comprehensive strategy to catapult a story born from any scale to the worldwide stage.

In order to best inspire and support the creators who haven’t found a way to fully tell their story, be it because of geographical, political, personal or financial reasons we see the need to also support the projects that bring the biggest potential, the bigger concepts or more established filmmakers all at the service of an exceptional selection of culturally and philosophically diverse projects from all over the world. This duality is at the core of Emergent’s founding.

Through this strategy and having an extensive understanding of the documentary production and distribution industries we strive to create a strong fund that is a financially stable and successful organization.

It's a unique ambition. A vision, experience and passion that truly sets Emergent apart. We seek to inspire and work with a whole generation of filmmakers ready to leverage the tools at our disposal in this day and age for the purpose of truth and freedom of expression.